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About Us

Our Mission:

Golfers Panel is determined to help you improve your game and give you reviews about the latest golf products.

Why us?

Golfers Panel is a trusted platform where you can find everything, from suitable golf balls to the choosing of clubs that best fit your game. We exist to make your choice right.

Our team includes top-notch players, professional golfers, and also beginners. So, our team of passionate golfers and experts produce authoritative in-depth reviews of the latest golf equipment which ultimately helps you to buy better products, to take your game to the next level.

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Golfers Panel has been producing insightful and impartial content. So, when it comes to buying new golf equipment, whether it’s a new driver or laser rangefinder, multiple options are available that can make choosing a bit of a minefield. And we have proudly become your first port of call giving you crucial insights into how the latest releases perform and how they compare to their predecessors.

The quality of our reviews and buyer’s guide is built upon rigorous testing as well as the extensive knowledge and experience of the team. Golfers Panel has a high reputation, known for delivering the key aspects.

Our commitments:

The products that we review, are not only tested by club golfers, but we also claim that it is comparable to the opinions generated by PGA pros. So, when we say that we review a specific product, that means that our team uses that on the golf course and hit it on a launch monitor sometimes.

As manufacturers can’t pay high prices for good reviews, we share the most honest reviews on our blog. You are always going to find reviews of the latest and best equipment.

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What We Do at Golfers Panel?

We are different from many of the more well-known golf sites you’re probably aware of. We provide you with simple and effective information that people are looking for and can’t find authentic info anywhere.

Primarily, We write our reviews on golf equipment including drivers, woods, irons, wedges, putters, and balls. It’s our job to make sure each review is based on thorough research and testing.

In addition to that, Golfers Panel widely publishes news articles, guidelines, tips, and other helpful golf-related information

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Get In Contact with Golfers Panel:

As we all are here to learn and improve our game knowledge and skills. So, we are open to suggestions and feedback from any visitors. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to get in touch. [email protected]

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