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Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Are you looking for the Best Golf Balls for Beginners? Seems like you have hit the Jackpot! Golf is the game of the elites, but nobody is born an elite golfer as it comes with a lot of patience, hard work, and of course choosing the right kind of golf equipment. 

With years of experience as a golfer, I usually notice that the first mistake beginners make is thinking that they have to buy the most expensive and top-of-the-line balls on the market. But if you want to become a pro at this game, you also have to look for various other factors in a golf ball including quality, visibility, playability, durability, and of course price. 

While considering that not every golfer has the same needs, beginners do not have high swing speeds, better techniques, and power like more experienced golfers. Therefore, it’s better to avoid some balls in the market that are purely for professionals and instead opt for more suitable choices. 

In this article, I have shortlisted some of the best golf balls that have tested and reviewed by myself on the course under various conditions. 

And for those who are looking for quick suggestions, here are our top picks

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Callaway Supersoft golf balls pack
Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls


✔️Low Driver Spin

✔️High Ball Flight

✔️Affordable Price

✔️Variety of Colors

❌Limited Spin On Approach Shots

❌Reduced Green-side Spin

Runner Up
Taylormade tour response golf balls pack
Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball



✔️Excellent Performance

✔️Exceptional Wedge Spin

✔️Striped Version Makes Alignment Easy

❌Low Compression

❌Not Suitable for Fast Swings

And those who want a detailed review can continue reading further.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball:

Callaway Supersoft golf balls pack



✔️Low Driver Spin

✔️High Ball Flight

✔️Affordable Price

✔️Variety of Colors


❌Limited Spin On Approach Shots

❌Reduced Green-side Spin

Undoubtedly, the Callaway Supersoft golf ball is one of the hottest-selling golf balls for beginners. this ball has a low compression rating of 38 which allows golfers having slow swing speeds to compress the ball and generate a lot of distance.

Some amazing features of this ball are:

  • Soft compression core that gives maximum ball speed with high launch and low spin during the long game.
  • Paraloid impact modifier cover uses multi-material construction which gives a softer feel and enhanced greenside control.
  • HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern on the ball helps reduce the drag and increases lift giving you more distance and control power around the green.

           Colors: white, yellow red, orange, green, and pink

Taylormade Tour Response Golf Ball

Taylormade tour response golf balls pack




✔️Excellent Performance

✔️Exceptional Wedge Spin

✔️Striped Version Makes Alignment Easy


❌Low Compression

❌Not Suitable for Fast Swings

Taylormade tour response golf ball is a great choice for golfers having low to moderate swing speeds and those who want to experience the performance of a tour golf ball. In addition, Its three-piece construction and compression rating of 70 makes it stand out among a variety of golf balls. it has:

  • A high-energy core that allows for maximum ball speed at impact.
  • A high flex modulus (HFM) speed mantle acts as a firm layer around the inner core helping the ball explode off the tee.
  • A soft urethane cover that improves spin, durability, and shear resistance around the green.

Being one of the softest balls on the market, the grooves on the iron grab it perfectly and produce spin, and at the same time, the tour flight dimple pattern carries it a long way. in addition, the new version of the ball features a special stripe pattern which helps with putt alignment and roll feedback.

Colors: White and Yellow.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

Box of Srixon soft feel golf balls



✔️Incredible distance off the tee

✔️Moderate spin control around the green

✔️Reformulated FastLayer core

✔️338-Speed Dimple Pattern

✔️Thin ionomer cover


❌Less spin around the green

With Srixon promising the longest version of their highly successful Srixon soft feel golf ball, its 12th generation soft feel ball has introduced many improvements making the ball even better. Earning high remarks from golfers, this ball features ultra-softness, incredible distance, and moderate spin control around the green.

The Srixon soft-feel golf ball has a two-piece construction that includes:

  • A reformulated FastLayer core, transitioning from soft to firm outer edge, which snaps back into its original form quickly after the impact resulting in high ball speed.
  • A thin ionomer cover, which provides an increased spin with wedges.

Along with the carefully designed construction, the ball also features a 338-speed dimple pattern which reduces the drag and increases flight giving a more penetrating flight and distance.

Srixon soft feel is particularly one of the best golf balls for beginners as well as seniors as its alignment aid and affordability are good. However, its spin around the green is not on the same level as many tour balls on the market.

Titleist Tru Feel Golf

Titleist tru feel golf balls pack


✔️Thinner TruFlex cover

✔️Low compression core

✔️376 tetrahedral dimple design

✔️Excellent long-game distance and control

✔️Enjoys number-one spot in the Titleist range


❌Distance is not consistent

❌Lacks in good feel

Titleist enjoys the distinction of being one of the world’s leading golf ball manufacturers and titlist tru feel earns the number one spot in the range. the tru feel golf ball is claimed to be “their softest” by the company, having excellent long-game distance and control around the green. 

The ball was redesigned at the beginning of 2022 and features faster inner and control and thinner outer covering. its two-piece construction comprises:

  • A low-compression Trutouch core which gives more distance
  • A thinner TruFlex cover that gives a softer feel and good control around the green.

On top of this, the ball has a 376 tetrahedral dimple design which keeps the ball in the air for a longer time giving extra yards. So, Titleist tru feel is an ideal ball for beginners with an excellent all-around performance at an affordable price.

Colors: Standard white and high-optic yellow.

Vice Drive Golf Ball

Pack of Vice drive golf balls


✔️Surlyn cover

✔️Large energy core

✔️Gives extra distance

✔️Mid-compression rating

✔️Excellent for low to moderate-swing speed golfers


❌Wears off easily

❌Feels hard during the impact

Vice drive golf ball is made for low to moderate-speed golfers who are looking for distance. it is a soft golf ball having a mid-compression rating of 50. Its construction includes:

  • Large energy speed core which increases ball speed and reduces the driver spin
  • Urlyn cover which is highly durable

There is also a 312 dimple pattern on the outer surface. It helps stabilize the trajectory by minimizing air resistance. Along with that, a KIL alignment aid increases the putting performance. 

In addition, the latest iteration of the vice drive gold ball out-plays its previous models. In terms of driver distance and wedge spin rates, the vice drive is also one of the best golf balls for beginners. It serves as a perfect combination of firmer off the tee and softer around the green.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Golf Ball

Wilson staff duo soft golf balls pack


✔️ Low compression rating

✔️New Velociticor technology

✔️Softest and longest golf ball

✔️362 aerodynamic dimple design


❌May feel too soft to hit

❌A little Expensive compared to other balls

the new version of the Wilson staff duo soft golf ball has replaced the original DX2 soft technology with “Velociticor” technology, becoming the world’s softest and longest golf ball. this newly added technology enhances the power of the golfer’s swing and turns it into an exceptional feel and greater distance on every shot. 

Key features:

  • 2-piece construction having a low compression rating results in extra distance
  • Soft feel helps enhance short game
  • Offers less spin and more control around the green
  • 362 aerodynamic dimples reduce drag and keep the ball in the air for a long time.

Colors: White, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and a Women’s version in white.

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Box of Titleist Velocity golf balls


✔️High-compression core

✔️Best-performing golf ball

✔️Reformulated cover design

✔️High launch and playable greenside feel

✔️Spherically tiled 35- octahedral dimple design


❌Less visibility around the green

Targeting speed for more distance, the Titleist Velocity golf ball is the best-performing golf ball in the market. the ball is designed with a high-compression core and a reformulated cover design which ensures consistent performance and quality. 

Key features:

  • High launch and playable greenside feel.
  • More distance with low long-game spin
  • Spherically tiled 350 octahedral dimples which help give more yardage.

Colors: White, Blue, Matte Orange, and Matte green.

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball

Callaway warbird golf balls pack


✔️High-energy core

✔️High launch speed

✔️Thin ionomer cover gives a softer feel

✔️Excellent distance with a greenside feel


❌May not offer enough spin around the green

Callaway warbird is known for distance and speed and the ball truly lives up to it with the help of its high-energy core and two-piece construction. it offers high launch to golfers with low-swing speeds and acts like a great choice for beginners who usually struggle to achieve more distance. the Callaway war bird has the following characteristics:

  • Excellent distance in combination with a greenside feel
  • HEX aerodynamic dimples reduce drag and add hang time
  • Thin ionomer cover which gives a softer feel
  •  Great value for money.

You can certainly get some extra yards with this ball, especially on iron shots. however keep in mind that, this ball may not offer enough spin around the greens.

Colors: White and Yellow

Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball

Box of Pinnacle soft golf balls


✔️Soft inner core

✔️Delivers stable shots.

✔️332 Icosahedral Dimple Design

✔️Low spin offers a lot of forgiveness 

✔️Decent control and satisfying yardage


❌Not suitable for golfers with high swing speeds

Pinnacle soft golf ball features a low-compression core. It gives off more energy when hit with a driver. this property helps deliver more stable shots while providing a reasonable distance off the tee. the 332 icosahedral dimple design further improves the flight of the ball and gives a soft feel. these features also allow for an incredibly low spin which means more forgiveness on the green. 

Key features:

  • Doft ionomer cover which adds to its durability
  • Low compression core provides more stability.
  • Decent control and satisfying yardage for the beginners

Colors: White, Optic Pink, and Yellow

Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

Bridgestone E6 pack


✔️High-speed shots

✔️ Softer inner core

✔️Incomparable performance

✔️A lot of forgiveness on the green

✔️Surlyn cover results in less spin and straighter shots


❌Does not provide a lot of distance

❌Low spin around the green

While there are cheaper options in the market, they don’t compete with Bridgestone E6. It is designed with a large and softcore which provides a lot of forgiveness on the green. Softcore allows for high-speed shots which in turn promise a substantial distance off the tee. The Bridgestone E6 can be an excellent choice from the list of best golf balls for beginners and has the following characteristics:

  • Thin Surlyn cover that gives more control and grabs the putting surface.
  • Less spin which results in straighter shots
  • The softer core gives a spring-like effect, thus providing more distance. 

Colors: White, Optic Yellow

Factors to consider while selecting the Best Golf Balls for Beginners:


In a typical golf ball, a larger core and a thin cover help boost the covered distance off the tee. The core of the golf ball acts like an engine that stores energy when it is hit by the club and then releases it when it flies into the air. This combination of a larger core and a thinner cover has a huge influence on the spin rate, compression, and initial velocity of the golf ball. 


Compression is the ability of a golf ball to compress when the club head hits it, leading to a rebound effect that helps the ball cover some distance off the tee. Therefore, in order to achieve sufficient compression and cover greater distances, you need more club head speed.

As a beginner, it will take you a little time to figure out how compression varies with different balls but at this stage, you would most likely benefit from softer balls with low or moderate compression.


Small depressions or indentations you see on a golf ball are called dimples. Dimples are a very important factor to consider when buying a golf ball. They play a key factor in making the ball fly affecting the distance, stability, and spin of the shot. For instance, if you hit a smooth golf ball it will only cover half the distance covered by a golf ball with dimples. A golf ball usually has between 350 to 500 indentations which help it achieve optimal aerodynamics during the hits.

Picture showing Dimples


Golf balls have some special types of covers that can have a huge impact on their performance. We have mainly two types of these covers namely, Surlyn and urethane.

Golf balls having Surlyn covers are durable as they cover greater distances, spin less, and are also cheap. Golf balls with urethane covers feel softer and spin more and with shorter irons they offer more control and spin. However, they can be expensive and mostly cover fewer distances off the tee.

So, as a newbie, a golf ball with a Surlyn cover is more suitable for you.


When you are new to the game of golf, you cannot expect yourself to have a higher launch. This is where compression will help you. The balls with lower compression ratings will help those with lower swing speeds achieve a spring-like effect covering more distance. So, choosing a ball with lower compression will improve your launch and performance during the game.


In the modern game of golf, high-visibility golf balls are preferred over plain white ones as they are easier to locate on the greens. With age, it has become an increasing concern for senior golfers as their eyesight weakens which makes it very hectic to track the balls. Similarly, beginners can also make use of high-visibility golf balls to make the learning process much easier. So, to make the balls more visible, manufacturers are using bold patterns and vibrant colors like yellow and red along with matte finishes. 

Balls with high visibility


Golf balls are made up of layers, and when it comes to layers there are basically two types of constructions called “two-piece golf balls” and “multi-layer golf balls”. The construction of the ball is the most important factor in compiling a list of the best Golf Balls for Beginners.

  • Two-piece:

This type of golf ball is used by beginners, handicappers, and those having low swing speed. These balls have a larger inner core and thinner outer covering acting like an energy storage hub. So, when it is hit by the club, it boosts your shots covering greater distances.

Two piece golf ball
  • Multi-layer:

Mid-to-high handicappers and those having high swing speeds prefer such golf balls. Multi-layer golf balls can have between 3, 4, or 5 layers. This makes them very important as every golfer has a different swing speed. Depending on your swing speed, each layer down to the core activates when you hit the ball with multiple layers. This gives you a greater distance off the tee. All these layers help shape your shots. There are multiple ways to increase swing speeds.

Multi layer Golf Ball


Price is going to be the most important thing in your mind when selecting and buying a golf. As a beginner, you will lose a lot of the balls in the trees, water, and areas off the fairway. So, going for expensive balls at the start is not a good idea. At this point, your goal is to find balls that are cheap, durable, and have uncompromising quality.

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