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Callaway Super Soft Golf balls review- 2023(tested)

Callaway Supersoft golf balls pack



✔️Low Driver Spin

✔️High Ball Flight

✔️Affordable Price

✔️Variety of Colors

✔️Perfect Soft feel 

✔️Extra Yardage 


❌Limited Spin On Approach Shots

❌Reduced Green-side Spin

❌Catch more dirt  

❌Too soft for some golfers

If You are looking for an affordable golf ball with an excellent soft feel, then Callaway super soft golf balls are for you. Callaway is a reputable brand that has been leading the industry for quite a time now. it provides a super soft feel just like other premium and expensive options in the market. It is very popular among golfers having slow swing speeds. This ball will complement the game of mid and high-handicappers.

 I have tested this ball in various conditions on the golf course. A few of my fellow golfers having various swing speeds played a number of shots. Based on the results, I can say Amateurs and seniors can get benefits through its high flight, long distance, soft compression core, and hybrid cover. You will love it for the confidence that it provides by going straighter and not messing up your game. You will get maximum advantage out of this ball if your speed is between 75-90mph.

But for professionals looking for spin, this ball is not for you. Callaway super soft doesn’t work like other premium balls when it comes to spin or high swing speed. As a beginner, If you have any particular requirements for golf ball you can check this list of best Golf Balls for beginners.

Features of Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls

Hybrid Cover

The cover of a Golf ball plays an important role in determining the distance and feel of the ball. These highly advertised covers were made in collaboration with Dow Chemical Company. Based on the Paraloid impact modifier this hybrid cover enables golf balls to cover the extra distance without sidespin. With a soft feel, this cover also brings more durability as compared to other softballs.

Hybrid Cover

Low Compression core

  With a low compression rating of 38, the soft compression core of Callaway Super soft allows players to play a better game even with slow swing speeds. A low-compression core enables the transfer of energy more efficiently from the club head. Due to this, golfers get an extra distance with minimal spin. Low Compression core also helps to get a higher launch

2 Piece Construction:

 2 piece construction is a great choice for a wide range of players. Callaway super soft is comprised of 2 layers, a soft compression core and a Hybrid cover. The 2-piece construction helps golfers to achieve straighter, longer, and higher flight even with low swing speeds. This feature makes this golf ball ideal for beginners and seniors. When the club head strikes, the core will be compressed and you will get accuracy and distance in your shot.

Callaway Supersoft 2 Piece Construction

HEX Aerodynamics:

   Callaway Super Soft golf balls comes with improved high-tech Hex Aero Dynamics instead of traditional circular dimples. This is a hexagonal dimple pattern to reduce drag during the flight of the ball which will help the ball to get an exceptional distance.  This will also help the ball to get a higher lift. These dimples are perfectly designed by evaluating depth and angles. Hex Aerodynamics is unique with Callaway balls that help the ball to stop into Greens. Due to this type of dimple design struggling golfers like these balls

Callaway Supersoft HEX Aerodynamics

Overall Performance from Tee to Green

From Tee

With a soft feel, the ball will travel straighter and higher. It covers a long distance with very little spin. Energy transfer from softcore is very effective allowing the ball to display its full potential. If your swing speed is less than 90mph or you tend to play slices or hooks then you are on the spot with these balls. Callaway super soft will help you to land on the fairway.  

Callaway Supersoft From Tee

On Green

Callaway super soft golf balls provides an explosive feel while hitting with slow swing speed. They don’t spin a lot, which makes this ball unfitting for pros. But the ball stops on greens nicely due to a higher launch

Short Game

 The ball performs consistently during short game. It gives a great soft feel and greenside control. With wedge and putter, it will feel like any other tour-grade ball. However, the ball doesn’t stop near to hole rather it bumps out a bit on the greens.

If you are a Professional, who likes to spin the ball on green and you want a ball with a soft feel and good spin. In that case, this ball is not for you.

Callaway Supersoft Feel


As emphasized earlier, you will get an excellent soft feel but with slower swing speeds. But if your swing speed exceeds 100mph you will get a squishy sound lacking explosiveness. That’s why Golfers having high swing speeds prefer balls with high compression core. This factor makes this ball best for beginners or seniors. They will get all the explosiveness and soft feel that is required for their satisfaction. Some players like a hard rock like feel when they strike the ball, in that case this ball is not for you.


These are the best value balls you can find in this price range. Looking at the features it offers, a dozen for 22$ is a great deal. Due to their low price, you will not be afraid of losing the balls on rough or water hazards.

Where can you buy Callaway Supersoft Golf balls?

New Balls can be bought from Amazon for 20-25$, a dozen. Amazon is the best place to buy Golf balls as they offer a lot of deals, discount coupons, etc. You can also buy these from Callaway’s official Store. Used balls can be bought in bulk at cheap prices from eBay.

For those who are looking for alternate options here is a quick comparison for you.

Srixon vs Callaway

Srixon is suitable for high swing speed as well. It provides more spin options on the green. Due to spin options, professionals can have a look at Srixon’s soft feel. It gives a hard feel as compared to the super soft feel of Callaway.

Callaway Supersoft vs Srixon

Bridgestone e12 vs Callaway

Both these balls compete for the same spot. Bridgestone is almost comparable to Callaway. But Bridgestone is not great when it comes to speed as soon as Club strikes it. But E 12 performs better on rough and has an advantage as compared to Callaway.

Callaway Supersoft vs Bridgestone e12

Final Verdict:

 Undoubtedly, this ball is the best for seniors, newcomers, and average golfers. If your swing speed is less than 90mph you can select this ball without any second thought. Mid and high-handicappers can get excellent performances regarding distance, low spin, and higher flight. On green and fairway, it gives outclass performance.

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