Wilson Duo Soft Review(Tested) 

As the name of the ball already boasts its own mega feature that the Duo soft is the “world softest golf ball”, not only that with a compression rating of 35 company is confident that its claim is right. It’s obvious that Wilson has made softballs before Duo, but Wilson Duo Soft ultimately defined the standard for the category. This ball is popular for its much better features than the balls lying in the same category.

I’ve been reviewing golf products for over 5 years now today finally, In Wilson Duo Soft Review I will analyze this unique golf ball which is claimed to have many promising features to make you an ultimate golfer. So, let’s discover whether its price fulfills the needs we are expecting from it or not.

Wilson staff duo soft golf balls pack


✔️ Low compression rating

✔️New Velociticor technology

✔️Softest and longest golf ball

✔️362 aerodynamic dimple design


❌May feel too soft to hit

❌A little Expensive compared to other balls

Wilson Duo Soft Feel:

The Wilson Duo Soft is among some very popular choices among golfers due to its soft feel and Its low compression core and soft ionomer cover. Which gives it a softer feel on shots and a higher level of ball control. 

When I tested the Duo Soft it provided me with a good balance between distance and feel, making it suitable for a wide range of swing speeds. Also, the ball’s low compression design helps to reduce driver spin, which can lead to longer, straighter drives.


The ball features a soft ionomer cover that helps to increase ball speed and contribute to overall distance performance. Many players would find that the Wilson Duo Soft provides good distance performance on a variety of shots. Including drives, fairway shots, and approach shots. However, it should be noted that every golfer is different, and the distance performance of a golf ball can be affected by a variety of factors, including swing speed, clubhead speed, and ball striking ability.

During Wilson Duo Soft Review I tested it in a variety of shots, I found this ball very appealing. It gave a few yards more distance than other softballs. Which becomes another plus point of my recommending it. 

Wilson Duo Soft balls pack


Wilson Duo Soft golf ball is designed with a low compression core, which can be an advantage when you’re looking for a ball with low driver spin. The balls with high levels of spin can lose distance and accuracy, particularly on longer shots. So, by reducing driver spin, the Duo Soft can help to promote longer, straighter drives and more consistent ball flight. The ball’s soft ionomer cover also contributes to its low spin performance, as it helps to increase ball speed and reduce spin on approach shots. However, it is not only the ball contributing to more or less spin as spin performance can be affected by a variety of factors. Including swing speed, clubhead speed, and ball striking ability.


This ball has a low-compression design, which means that it has a relatively soft feel when struck with a club. Low-compression golf balls are typically designed for players with slower swing speeds preferably mid-handicappers, as they are able to compress the ball more easily and generate more distance. Wilson Duo soft compression design allows it for a higher launch and softer landing, which can be beneficial for players looking to maximize their distance and control on their long shots. 

Compression checking Wilson Duo Soft

Weight and Diameter:

The weight of a Wilson Duo soft is 46.1 grams. The diameter is 1.680 inches, and these measurements are perfect for an excellent-performing golf ball. 


Wilson Duo Soft is a durable golf ball that is designed to hold up well over multiple rounds of play. Because of its soft cover and high-quality material, it is resistant to cuts and abrasions, which helps to extend its lifespan. Additionally, the ball’s high-energy core and responsive mantle layer provide a stable and consistent ball flight. Which helps to reduce the risk of mishits and impacts on the cover. So, the Wilson Duo Soft might not be the most durable golf ball on the market. Still, it should provide good longevity for the average golfer.


The white version is the most popular and is the standard color for golf balls. But Wilson duo soft comes in a variety of colors including yellow, and orange as well. 

Wilson Duo Soft colors

Wilson Duo Soft review in Short Game:

According to many golfers this ball performs well on short game shots, such as chips, pitches, and putts. Its low compression core and soft ionomer cover provide a soft feel on these shots. Which can help golfers to control their distance and trajectory. Also, the ball’s low spin design can help to reduce skip and promote a more controlled ball flight on short game shots. After my testing, I found out that the Wilson Duo Soft is good for its good short-game performance and soft feel.

Wilson Duo Soft review in Long Game:

Duo Soft actually designed for long-game performance as it features a low-compression design and a soft cover. That can allow longer shots with a higher launch and a softer landing. It is designed with a low-drag aerodynamics system. Which helps to reduce drag and increase lift for longer and more accurate shots. Additionally, the Wilson Duo Soft Long has a high-energy core and a responsive mantle layer. Which ultimately work together to provide a soft feel and exceptional ball speed. So overall for the long game, Wilson Duo Soft is a high-performing golf ball ideal for players looking to maximize distance and control on their long shots. 

Wilson Duo Soft Price:

The current retail price of Duo Soft is just $19.99. Which is a pocket-friendly and budgeted price for a dozen golf balls. You can get it on your doorstep through Amazon

Wilson Duo Soft price


While the Wilson Duo Soft may not be suitable for all players. It could be a good option for golfers looking to maximize their distance and control their long shots. Its Soft cover provides a soft landing and good governance of shots. In contrast, Low compression design allows for a softer feel and higher launch. This is not for players who want a firmer feel and lower launch on their shots. This is of best golf balls for beginners.

At this cost, it’s very hard to find a super soft ball and with that Wilson super soft has other unique qualities as well.

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