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Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Review- 2023(tested)

Box of Srixon soft feel golf balls



✔️Incredible distance off the tee

✔️Moderate spin control around the green

✔️Reformulated FastLayer core

✔️338-Speed Dimple Pattern

✔️Thin ionomer cover


❌Less spin around the green

❌Less distance on greater Speeds

Srixon always comes up with the best option when we talk about golf equipment. With the 12th generation of Srixon soft-feel golf ball, golfers will get an excellent feel just like premium balls. In this latest generation of soft feel, Srixon introduced a much improved fast-layer core. Low compression core gives you an efficient response This is the most affordable and popular ball by Srixon when it comes to budget. This ball compliments the game of golfers who like throwing the ball and then want a soft landing.

While writing Srixon Soft feel Review, I tested this ball and I found it excellent on greens. The control and spin are adequate which makes it a complete package. A few of my fellow golfers are using it for ages and they get all the required confidence on the golf course due to this ball. Their swing speeds are not that great but still, they can get low scores.

This ball is not for pros because greenside spin is not that great. Professionals with high swing speeds can look into Srixon’s popular options like the Q star tour and Z Star.

Features included in Srixon Soft Feel Review

Low Compression Core

The new technologically improved fast-layer core in the Srixon soft-feel golf ball is the main selling point of it. The core comes with energetic gradient growth to give a feel like any other multi-layer ball. This core helps beginners and seniors get maximum benefits even with their slow swing speeds. The compression rating for Srixon is 60 which is quite low considering the low price point. A low-compression core will help efficient energy transfer as soon as the clubhead strikes the ball.

Srixon Soft Feel Low Compression Core

2 Piece Construction

Srixon soft-feel golf ball comes in 2 pieces which include the fast layer core and a thin Ionomer cover. Even with a simple design, this ball just feels right for all the needs of a golfer.

Fast-layer Core

The tough core of Srixon soft feel snaps quickly to give the premium feel. The core is soft at the center and gets harder as we move outside. This gives golfers more confidence and the feel of a multi-layer golf ball.

Fast-layer Core

Ionomer Cover:

The cover is only 0.063 inches which help in improving overall performance. This ionomer cover provides sidespin and extra yardage.

Ionomer Cover

338 Dimple design

 With improving technology, dimple designs are becoming crucial to get desired results. Srixon offers 338 dimple pattern in soft-feel golf balls which reduces drag during the flight. The reduced drag helps the ball to get extra distance. This pattern gives better control over the approach shots and flight is more stable as well. It gave me flawless performance during windy weather. It improves your long shots even with low swing speeds.

338 Dimple design


Soft feel golf balls come in 3 colors which include bright red, Tour yellow, and white color. These balls are a blessing for seniors with worsening vision. Also, colors help you in tracking balls during gloomy conditions.              

Srixon Soft-Feel Colors

Overall performance of Srixon Soft Feel golf ball

Off the tee

If you have a slow swing speed, the Srixon soft feel will give a boost by a higher launch. This ball is pretty decent considering the accuracy it provides. The feel is pretty soft like any other premium ball. You will get a satisfying thump with extra yards.

Off the tee

From fairway

This ball is excellent for those who are seeking long distances. This ball can get high enough and will land softly. Golfers can get more height with hybrid and iron shots. Spin is not that great which makes it difficult to get better control. As a distance ball, its purpose is to get extra distance than backspin.

Around green

Srixon soft feel’s performance is pretty decent on greens. You will get a premium soft feel like high-end balls. When the club strikes the ball you will get a mild sound instead of a squishy or cracking sound. You can’t expect great control and spin in this budget segment. If We talk about chips and pitches, they will be lofted and tend to run on green.


if your swing speed is in between 70-90mph, the Srixon soft feel will offer you an incredible soft feel. As far as soft feel is concerned, it competes with any tour-grade golf ball. I was always impressed with Srixon’s feel. Though, I changed my golf balls to Z Star because I needed premium golf balls. But I still love to play with Srixon because of its feel.

Feel of Srixon Soft Feel

Alignment aid

The alignment line helps beginners and seniors to align their shots better. Srixon soft feel comes with a black alignment line for better aiming and can benefit while putting.

Srixon Soft-Feel Alignment aid


The budgeted balls are usually more durable due to their hardcover. But the durability of the Srixon soft feel is not that great. All other options with an Ionomer cover have better durability. It gets scuffs and marks after a few rounds. The rapid snapping of the core causes these marks. these marks don’t affect performance a lot but undermine the confidence of a golfer.


Srixon offers an affordable ball in form of Soft feel golf ball. Its reasonable pricing makes it a wonderful choice for beginners. In addition, You will get a premium feel at a price within their means. Therefore, I can assure you these are the best value balls in this category and the amount of performance it provides makes it a very attractive option. This ball is easily available on Amazon.

Srixon Soft-Feel Pricing


If you are a pro or your swing speed is greater than 100mph you will lose distance with this ball. So, if you have this much speed it is better to look at Titleist Pro V1, Srixon Z star, or Callaway Chrome soft.

Quick alternatives

Callaway vs Srixon

Callaway is way softer than Srixon with a very low compression rating of 38. They are more suitable for golfers with low swing speeds. On the other hand, Srixon is better for intermediate speeds. Callaway can get you farther but Srixon gives better spin options. Callaway is better for chips and pitches.

 Callaway vs Srixon

Bridgestone e12 vs Srixon

In comparison with Srixon, Bridgestone is a softer ball so, it can offer more benefits in rough. But the speed of E 12 is not that great after hitting it with the club. When it comes to feel, even the golfers who play with tour-grade balls like Srixon’s feel. 

Bridgestone e12 vs Srixon

If you are interested in finding other Best Golf Balls for beginners. You can have a look to find amazing balls that suits your needs.

Final Verdict

Considering all the factors I discussed in Srixon Soft feel review, I can confidently say that this ball is best in this category. Srixon has made incredible technological advancements in terms of this ball. The ball is overall fun to play in the course. Ladies, Beginners, and Seniors can choose this ball any day without a second thought.

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