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Round in Golf

A round in golf usually consists of 9 or 18 holes spread across the golf course. Each hole presents its own unique hurdles and is played in order. In order to play the best round, golfers try to score as low as possible, while following the guidelines set by the authorities.

Now, this requires a strong command and understanding of clubs, important golfing terms, and techniques. So, in this article, we are going to discuss these basic terminologies. How you can out-smart fellow golfers? And why is it so important to understand them before stepping onto the golf course?

Round in golf

Basic rules of a round in Golf


It is important to start your round of golf by teeing off from the designated first hole. Before taking the hit, each golfer sets up the tee and places the ball on it carefully. After hitting the tee shot, the golfers then move towards the green and the fairway.

Choosing the right club

Each golfer can carry up to 14 golf clubs in the golf bag. This combination of 14 clubs totally depends on the player’s skills and preferences. The use of clubs depends on varying situations around the course like the complexity of each hole. Moreover, there is no minimum requirement for the number of clubs in the golf bag.

a player having options for Choosing the right club

Playing the ball

It is important that you complete your round using the same golf ball that you started off with. However, in case the ball is lost or damaged, you can change your ball following some specific rules. As a golfer, there are a couple of things everyone should know:

  • Players cannot reposition their ball on the course unless any rule allows it.
  • Players can get penalties for making wrong shots, like hitting the ball into a water hazard or out of bounds.
  • Players also need to manage their time and be mindful of each shot and hole. This way they can complete their round in the given time without slowing down the others.

Scoring terms for a round in Golf:


A par rating of a hole refers to the standard number of strokes it takes for a scratch golfer to complete it. Par rating is set according to the distance and difficulty of each hole. For example, Par-3 is the smallest rating for a hole having the shortest distance. This rating can go up to 5, which are the longest holes.


A hole-in-one or Ace occurs when a golfer successfully completes a hole in a single stroke. This may sound amazing, but it is quite difficult to achieve it due to the complexity of the hole and the skills of a player. Holes-in-one are usually achieved on holes having a par-3 rating. The reason is that these holes are the easiest and shortest to complete.

A player is scoring a Hole-in-one


Another important term to understand in golf is called Eagle and it is achieved when a hole is completed two strokes under par. For instance, if you are playing a hole with a par-4 rating and you manage to complete it in two strokes, you have achieved an eagle.


Bogey refers to completing a hole in one stroke more than the assigned par. For example, if you are playing a hole with par 3 rating and you complete it in 4 strokes, it is a Bogey.


Birdie is the opposite of bogey, and it is achieved when you complete a hole in one stroke less than the assigned par.

Preparation for a round in Golf:

Mental preparation:

Before stepping into a golf course, it is really important to prepare yourself mentally and physically. So, whenever you have an important game, make sure to get adequate sleep and maintain a balanced diet. Adding to this, set some specific goals for the round, visualize achieving them and stay focused.

Preparation for Round

Time management:

Always arrive early at the golf course and give yourself enough time to warm up and practice. You can simply practice some basic stretches to loosen your muscles, and this will also help prevent any injuries. In addition, practice your swings with different clubs and balls to be sure which one works best in accordance with different golf courses and weather conditions.

Manage equipment:

Equipment Management is the most important preparation you will do before every round of golf. It includes organizing and confirming all the required clubs, balls and tees. If you always follow this routine before stepping into the golf course you will perform your best and make the most out of your game.

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