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Increase Swing Speed in Golf

So, you want to increase your swing speed in golf? well, if you want to play golf as professionals do, constant and disciplined improvement is your only way. But an essential part of this improvement is focusing on increasing your swing speed.

What I commonly notice is that people tend to spend much time trying to master techniques to make their golf swings look pretty. This is where they lost the ability to generate speed as well. This happens because amateurs are too worried about hitting the ball off the fairway that they try to guide it which only leads to a lack of focus on speed.

In this article, I will explain some of the best tips and tricks to help you increase your swing speed quickly. So, if you are really willing to follow in the footsteps of your ideal golfer then keep reading!

Start speed training to increase your swing speed in Golf

One of the most widely used practices to increase swing speed is speed training with weighted clubs and other training equipment. This training will help your muscles adapt to a new speed and then make it normal for your body.

Speed training was put on the map by SuperSpeed Golf company and their system consists of three weighted clubs and a practice schedule. This can help you increase your speed over time. Having personally used their training system, I can say firsthand that they definitely work!

Golfer doing Speed training

Speed sessions on the driving range

To get you motivated for this practice I will tell you a short story about Preston Summerhays and how he managed to gain 18mph more speed.

According to the story his dad, who coaches players like Tony Finau and Taylor Gooch, told him to go to the range and swing as hard as he could. This was his training regimen. He used to go to the range for 30-minute sessions per week and swing as hard as he could. It clearly did the magic for him as he later went on to play in many Korn Ferry events and the US Open.

So, keeping him in mind, you can increase your swing speed in golf too! All you need to do is go to the range with only one intention: Stop worrying about your accuracy! After this, when you have solo sessions, keep your focus on swinging the golf ball as hard as you can. And it doesn’t matter where your ball drops because the goal is to train your muscles and rewire your brain to swing faster.

Speed Sessions

Hold your ground

A common mistake made by amateurs or average golfers is that they only utilize their upper body which ultimately kills the distance. Always remember that you get your power from the ground. So, if you don’t use your lower body enough, you can never get the most out of your game.

And while it’s important to push off your back foot, you should clear your left side as well as move your hips out of the way.

According to Cameron Champ, who ranks in the top 10 in driving distance:

Once you get to the top of your swing and you’re ready to start back down, feel like you’re rotating your hips as hard as you can. That will create a lag. Lag creates speed, and speed creates power.”

swing speed can increase by Holding your Ground

Swing the correct shaft

now, there is no doubt that the above-stated practices will increase your golf swing speed but let’s not forget about equipment.

For instance, If you are using weighted shafts it will be hard for you to swing fast enough. Similarly, if your shafts are lightweight, it will be hard to maintain accuracy. Therefore, to figure out if you are using the right kind of shaft you can use a launch monitor which will monitor spin rates.

This method is also a quick one since switching your shaft will help you achieve more speed without changing your swing.

Swing the correct shaft can increase swing speed

Don’t neglect your physical strength

Finally, the last thing you should focus on is your bodily strength, because golf requires it! So, to add speed to your hits you need to strengthen your body and work on increasing flexibility.

Golfer working on physical strength to increase swing speed

How the added strength can increase swing speed in golf?

A professional American golfer Tiger Woods changed the ways of playing golf. When he started working out and made it a normal part of his daily routine. At the time, no other golfer was following this ritual but now everyone is taking inspiration from Tiger.

So, be sure to work out daily in the morning or evening and give strength to your muscles.

Increasing strength will increase swing speed

Why flexibility is important to increase your swing speed in golf?

While you are training your muscles to be strong, don’t forget to add in this the needed flexibility!

Having a flexible body will not only prevent injuries, but it will also help your body to make a high-speed swing. So, to reach this level you can follow the following practices:

  • Yoga
  • Stretches
  • Getting massages and chiropractic work
  • Take off days

Last but not least, always be kind to your body and rest up, especially when you’re on the speed training routine. Your body needs at least one day to recover from the previous training session. So, make sure to take a day off in between all the sessions.

Now once you are ready, be patient, practice and follow the above-stated strategies. Also, regularly measure your speed to get the best of results.


The average swing speed for a male golfer is estimated to be 93.4 which gives an average distance of 214 yards. So, 100mph is well above average.

When you are speed training your muscles, focus on your legs as much as anything else. As power comes from the ground, you need to push off your back foot with power. Other than this, you can focus on your back, chest, and core muscles.

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