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Bogey in golf

A bogey in golf may not excite professional golfers but they are surely a treat for beginners and amateurs who are just getting started. So, if you are interested in learning to hit Bogeys, this article will help you understand what exactly a Bogey is. How can you play it? And a number of other strategies and tips.

What is a Bogey in golf?

In golf terms, a Bogey means scoring one stroke above the par of a certain. For example, if we talk about a par-3 hole, then the Bogey for this particular hole would be four.

Golfer is hitting a bogey

Now, it may not sound as great as scoring an eagle or an albatross, but a Bogey is very tempting for a new golfer. Thus, scoring a Bogey is a good score for beginners; and doing any better than this is a bonus.

Origin of Bogey

The history of the word Bogey is not very complicated as it originated from the song called “The Bogey man”. During the 1980s, this song was very famous in the British Isles, which later became coined “the Colonel Bogey march”. As you might know already, this song is about a man who hides in the shadows.

So, after calling one score above par a “groundstroke”, golfers adopted the word “Bogey” for it.

How to play a Bogey in golf?

It’s not hard to score a Bogey once you have mastered all the basic skills of playing golf. However, it’s important to develop and adopt the perfect strategy for yourself. So, in order to score a Bogey, you must practice, find your strengths and follow a good strategy.

Bogey golf strategies

Tee shot strategy

In order to follow this strategy, you need to position the ball for an easy shot. Basically, you need to figure out the location on the green where you have a chance for par or a Bogey.

Approach shot strategy

In this strategy, you need to make sure that you are 50 yards or less away from the flag. You should never aim for the pin if the flag is not in the dead center of the green. Always evaluate the golf course for hazards and obstacles and choose your shot wisely.

Final shot of a bogey in Golf

Scoring tactics

Scoring tactics are most important to hit a Bogey as you need to figure out where to go for a better shot and when to play a bit more carefully. Moreover, keep in mind that sometimes, you will definitely have some bad shots, and this is where you need to use your tactics.

For example, if your ball is stuck in sand or a deep rough, your next shot is usually a chip or pitch. After that, re-evaluate your shot and position yourself where you can aim for the green.

Recovery shots strategy

As mentioned in the scoring tactics, when you face hazards on the green, you need to come up with a recovery shot. You can either use chipping or pitching to get out of a sand bunker or deep rough and this is how you can recover from a bad shot.

Tips to play a Bogey in golf

Make sure you always warm-up

Warming up before a match is very important as it helps keep you healthy and well-prepared. You never know when an injury might happen so, it’s better that your stretch your muscles before you are off to the golf course.

Practice pitching, chipping, and bunker shots

As a beginner or a handicap golfer short game is your best friend, as you don’t hit many greens. This is where pitching and chipping will help you improve your game.

Practicing and chipping

Eliminate three-putts

Eliminating three-putts is a crucial part of the game when you are scoring a Bogey. So, golfers use Putting drills to help improve distance control which are the score killer.

Maybe give your driver a rest

According to a survey, if you are not good at using a driver then maybe it’s time to give your driver some rest in the locker. In many cases, this improved the results for many golfers as the shot dispersion is smaller and you are in a better position to hit a second shot.

Keep the ball in play

Never force your shots when you are under pressure. Always play safe and keep the ball in play. In order to play a good shot, aim for the middle of the green away from any obstacles. This way you will have additional strokes to reach your goal instead of penalties.

Other types of Bogey

Double Bogey in golf

Scoring a double Bogey means 2-over par.

For example, if you score a five on a par 3 hole, then it would be a double Bogey.

Triple Bogey in golf

Scoring a triple bogey means 3-over par.

For example, if you score an eight on a par 5 hole, then it would be a Triple Bogey.

Quadruple Bogey in golf

Scoring a Quadruple Bogey means 4-over par.

For example, if you score a nine on a par 5 hole, then it would be a Quadruple Bogey.


For beginners and amateur players, being a Bogey golfer is not bad as it can be considered a reasonably good score. As for expert players, bogey is considered very unprofessional.

Bogey-free refers to a round of golf where no Bogeys are scored. This includes double, triple, quadruple, and beyond types of Bogeys.

A Bogey golfer usually scores a lot of Bogeys during a match and shoots around 90. This means that a Bogey golfer would have a handicap of around 18 if they play par 70-72 courses.

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