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Top 10 Hottest Women in Golf 2023

Who says only men can play golf? As the world is changing, women are doing everything that only men were believed to accomplish. Today women are actively participating with men in every sport including golf. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the 10 hottest women in golf.

Keep reading to find out how these superwomen stepped into the world of golf and how they became so successful! And let’s dive right in!

Top 10 Hottest Women in Golf

10. Lily Muni He

Born on August 8, 1999, Lily Muni He is a professional golfer. She began playing golf at a young age and rose to fame due to her skills.

Throughout her amateur career, she has won various tournaments including the 2016 Australian Women’s Amateur Championship and 2017 Women’s Southern California Amateur Championship. Her actual breakthrough came in the year 2019 when she aced her first professional tournament, the Prasco Charity Championship on the Symetra Tour. This ultimately got her a distinguished spot on the LPGA Tour for the 2020 season.

Since then, Muni He has continued to show off her skills and gain a huge fan base for her powerful style of play. In addition, she is also known for her beautiful outfits on-course further raising her status in the golfing world.

Lily Muni He
Lily Muni He

9. Maria Verchenova

Born on March 207, 1986, Maria Verchenova is a Russian golfer who is popular for begin the first Russian golfer to become a full-time member of the Ladies European Tour and compete in the Olympic games.

Just like Muni He, Maria also started her career young and quickly rose to fame. The odds further turned in her favor in the year 2006 when she finished second at the Dubai Ladies Masters. At the time, this was known as her best result on the tour.

Later on, in 2016 she made history when she represented Russia at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. During this, Maria tied for 16th place in the women’s individual competition which was a huge achievement for Russian golf.

As a young golfer, Maria has made notable achievements securing top-ten finishes on the Ladies European Tour. She is not only a Pro golfer but also one of the hottest women in Golf too. Apart from these, she has also competed in major championships such as the Women’s British Open and the Evian Championship.

Maria Verchenova
Maria Verchenova

8. Beatriz Recari

Born on April 21st, 1987, Beatriz Recari is a professional Spanish golfer who became prominent in the golfing world after her successful career in the Ladies Professional Golf Association.

Betariz started playing golf at the age of golf and she quickly improved her skills. In 2005, she won the Spanish Amateur Championship. After that, she competed in the Ladies European Tour before entering the LGPA Tour card in 2010.

Just like her fellows, Beatriz has made some great accomplishments. For example, she won her first LPGA tournament in 2010 and then followed it up with another achievement at the Kia Classic in 2013. However, her most signification achievement came in the year 2013 when she won the inaugural International Crown. During this tournament, she represented Spain along with her teammates. Apart from these Beatriz has gathered various top-ten finishes and competed in major championships like U.S. Women’s Open and the Women’s British Open.

In her personal life, Beatriz is very supportive of charitable work, and she is actively involved in it. As a professional golfer, she has raised awareness and support for various causes.

Beatriz Recari
Beatriz Recari

7. Paige Spiranac

Born on March 26, 1993, Paige Spiranac is an American golfer and social media personality. Paige first gained fame through her active participation on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. She shares a lot of golf-related content on her page and promotes the sport.

While it’s true that Paige did not manage to achieve the same level of success as her fellow golfers, she did have a notable career. She earned All-Mountain West Conference honors at the San Diego State University where she played college golf. During this, she led her team to a conference championship.

Later on, in 2015, Paige turned into a professional when she competed in various mini-tours like Cactus Tour and the Women’s All-Pro Tour. Apart from this, she has also made some professional appearances at the Omega Ladies Master’s on the Ladies European Tour.

Despite her limited success in golf, Paige become a prominent public figure due to her appealing personality and social media activities. As an influencer, Paige has also raised awareness about cyberbullying and harassment. She encourages everyone to stay positive in life and speak up for basic human rights.

Paige Spiranac one of hottest women in golf
Paige Spiranac

6. Lucy Robson

Another social media influencer and golf personality on our list is Lucy Robson who was born on February 20, 1995, in England. Lucy gained popularity through Instagram and YouTube where she religiously shares her golf-related content.

Now, while Lucy is famous for her golf content she has not really competed in professional tours. Instead, Lucy is only focusing on promoting her personal brand and showing off her skills. In addition, she also shares tips and tricks related to golf shots and vlogs about her golfing experiences.

Lucy’s charming personality and skills have attracted a huge fanbase on her social media. Therefore, she collaborates with many brands to promote golf-related projects. And although her life primarily revolves around her social media, Lucy also resonates with several golf enthusiasts and players.

Lucy Robson
Lucy Robson

5. Lexi Thompson

Born on February 10, 1995, Lexi Thompson is an American golfer. Lexi became the youngest golfer to ever qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open at the age of 15. After that, she quickly became popular when she won her first professional tournament the Navistar LPGA Classic. She was only 16 at that time.

Since then, Lexi has gathered numerous victories. These include major championships like ANA Inspiration in 2014 and the women’s PGA Championship in 2020. Talking about her skills, Lexi is highly admired for her aggressive style of play, long drives, and ball-striking ability. Throughout her amateur career, Lexi has represented the United States in international competitions like Solheim Cup and the International Crown.

Beyond the golfing world, Lexi is involved in many philanthropic activities supporting military veterans and children’s hospitals.

Lexi Thompson
Lexi Thompson

4. Blair O’Neal

An American golfer, model, and TV personality, one of the hottest women in Golf, Blair O’Neal was born on May 14, 1981. Her main reason for prominence in golf came from the Golf Channels reality show “The Big Break”, where she made several appearances.

Blair started playing golf at a young age and competed in small collegiate tournaments. In addition, she has made appearances on several tours, like the Symetra, Cactus, and LPGA Tours.

Apart from her passion for golf, Blair works as a model and has been featured in many magazines and advertisements. She is also very active in hosting and presenting golf-related programs and events. As an influencer, she also often shares her workout, eating routines, and wellness tips with the fans.

Blair O’Neal hottest woman in golf
Blair O’Neal

3. Natalie Gulbis

Born on January 7, 1983, Natalie Gulbis is an American golfer who turned professional in 2001. Since then, she has competed on the LPGA tour and achieved notable success including the Evian Masters in 2007 and the LPGA tour championship in 2007.

Natalie is well known for her long drives and strong short game, and she has also represented the United States in international competitions. Beyond her successful golfing career, Natalie has gained attention for her modeling work by appearing in several magazines and shows.

Moreover, she also actively participates in charity and philanthropy supporting junior golf development and cancer research.

Natalia Gulbis
Natalia Gulbis

2. Veronica Felibert

Another unique woman on our list is a Venezuelan Professional golfer Veronica Felibert. Born on May 13, 1987, Veronica started golf at the age of 14 and quickly rose through the ranks.

Throughout her professional career, Veronica competed in championships like the Symetra Tour and the LPGA TOUR. In addition, Veronica also managed to achieve several top-ten finishes on the Symetra tour using her skills and talent.

While it’s true that Veronica’s contributions towards golf are not widely recognized as some other golfers, she has given a lot of effort and hard work into promoting the sport. She has also represented her country in international competitions.

Veronica Felibert, most beautiful women in golf
Veronica Felibert

1. Paula Creamer

Born on August 5, 1986, Paul Creamer is a professional golfer. Paula made an impact in golf when she won her first LPGA tour event, The Sybase Classic in 2005. After this, she gained worldwide recognition and was nicknamed “Pink Panther” due to her obsession with pink-colored accessories. She is considered as one of the Hottest Women in Golf that embraced the game.

Throughout her successful golf career, Paula has managed to achieve many victories on the LPGA tour. Her major achievement came at the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open, where she got the chance to show off her talent. Since then, Paula has been a respected competitor on the LPGA Tour and a consistent figure on the leaderboards.

Just like many of her fellow golfers, Paula is also an enthusiastic philanthropist supporting cancer research and junior golf development projects.

Paula Creamer one of most hottest women ever born
Paula Creamer

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