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Top 5 longest golf drives in PGA history

Golf has been around for more than a century as an elite sport. As the game continued to evolve, players-built strength and made modern golf all about hitting long drives. So, as a golfer, you must wonder who may have hit the longest golf drive in history. Every golfer who has the passion wishes to launch a huge drive and watching someone else do it inspires them to do it even more. In this article, you will know everything about the top 5 longest golf drives in PGA tour history. You can also check the Top 5 longest Golf Holes in the World to quench the thirst of your curiosity.

Top 5 Longest golf drives

5. Davis Love III – 476 yards

At the Mercedes championship in 2004, Davis Love made a record-breaking drive. Just like Carl Cooper, Davis also had the advantage of a steep hill on the final hole of round 4. By the time, his ball stopped, it had covered a total distance of 476 yards.

This long drive remained the second-best in the ShortLink era until 2018 when Dustin Johnson broke his record with 489 yards.

Davis Love III – 476 yards

4. Dustin Johnson – 489 Yards

When it comes to the top 5 longest golf drives, Dustin Johnson is the name that comes to mind, as he hit an impressive shot at the 2018 Sentry Tournament of Champions.

Dustin’s shot covered a total distance of 589 yards from the tee stopping just short of the hole. If the ball only managed to get a few yards further, it would match the record for the longest drive in the ShortLink era. During the shot, Dustin was on the 12th hole of the third round. Unfortunately, the amazing drive was not televised for the fans.

Dustin Johnson – 489 Yards

3. Tiger Woods – 498 yards

When talking about the most professional golfers, you can never forget to name Tiger Woods. It’s worth saying that much of his reputation and status in golf came from hitting long drives consistently.

Woods managed to drop this bomb during the Mercedes Championship at the Plantation Course, Kapalua in 2002. This breathtaking shot happened at the 18th hole which is surely a golfer’s paradise. The fairway here is wide and the tee is also located in an elevated position. So, with the assistance of the Pacific winds, Woods made history almost 20 years ago.

Tiger Woods – 498 yards one of Longest Golf drive

2. Mike Austin- 515

Recognized by Guinness as the official world record, Mike Austin’s 1974 golf drive holds a special place in golf history. Adding to this, the shot also had some unique elements.

First of all, the strike covering a total distance of 515 yards was hit by a 64-year-old man using a wood driver. Moreover, the hole was only 455 yards away from the tee, so there is some level of hilarity here. Finally, the old man also had some assistance from a 27mph wind at his back.

All these factors combined to create an amazingly long drive-in golf history.

Mike Austin- 515 one of Longest Golf drive

1. Carl Cooper- 787 yards

There are very few sights worth the watch in golf, but this shot from the 1992 Texas Open was definitely a sign to behold. While Carl holds the record for the longest drive, one should also remember that it had some assistance to cover that much distance.

To put it in perspective, Carl’s ball landed on a concrete cart path with a steeper angle. So, due to this, the ball rolled down easily down the hill and stopped at a distance of 787 yards away from the tee.

Adding to this, this record was made in the year 1992, therefore, the lack of laser technology made it impossible to measure the actual distance.


Officially Dustin Johnson holds the record for hitting the longest golf drive with a distance of 498 yards from the tee.

Tiger Woods hit the longest drive of his life during the Mercedes championship in 2002 when his ball covered a distance of 489 yards.

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