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MOI in Golf

If you are a golf enthusiast, you must have come across the term “MOI” in golf. But if you are having trouble understanding this, then we got you covered!

It’s no surprise in modern golf when you hit a perfect fairway shot because modern technology has made it so much easier. Nowadays, moveable weights and strong and lightweight materials have replaced outdated persimmon heads. The key player here is definitely MOI so, when you understand how clubs are affected by MOI you can choose the right equipment for yourself.

What is MOI in golf

MOI in golf stands for “Moment of inertia” and it is the measure of the resistance that golf clubs have during the swing. So, when a golf club has high moment of inertia it also has high resistance. This makes the club more forgiving which is important for keeping your scores low. Fortunately, the companies are very well aware of this and they are designing better clubs by adjusting the perimeter weighting and improving total ball speed.

MOI in Golf Clubs

MOI In Drivers and Woods

Moment of inertia is important when it comes to hitting consistent fairway shots from the teeing area. This is why Drivers and Fairway Woods are designed to be more forgiving.

This allows the clubface to square up at impact and since the weight is usually placed at the back, your club face does not twist. A company called TaylorMade even came up with a “twist face” technology to increase topspin and launch.

Moi in golf Drivers and Woods

MOI in Irons and Wedges

In the past Irons were a blade-like model which made it extremely difficult to hit good shots. Today there are a lot of types of irons that help make straighter shots with even imperfect hits. However, there is a catch and that is, the higher the moment of inertia the less the workability of Irons.

As for the wedges, the moment of Inertia does not matter much because the more blade-style a wedge is it will become less forgiving with more workability.

MOI in Irons and Wedges

MOI in Putters

Lastly, we have another important club in the golf bag called “Putter” and it also requires a high moment of inertia.

In simple words, keep in mind that golfers play the majority of their shots around the green. Therefore, is it important to have a club that can get your ball easily toward the hole with more forgiveness.

In the past years, there were only two types of putters: the Mallet and the Blade. The Blade is the original design of a putter, and it allows for an in to out hits. Meanwhile, the Mallet was designed back in the 1980s and allows for straight-back and straight-through shots.

In comparison, the Mallet is a lot more forgiving than the Blade but in the modern era, there is an even more forgiving club called “HIGH MOI” Putters. A common example of this is the Taylor-Made Spider series.

Moi in Putters


The Center of Gravity also known as CG is important for Spin and Launch in Golf. In simple words, the more CG there is in the back of your club the higher your launch will be.

The set limit for MOI by USGA and R&A is 5900 g/m2 for golf clubs.

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