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Top 5 Longest golf holes in the World

As a golfer, you improve your game with the help of skills, techniques, and accuracy in your shots. However, in recent years, golf has also become a game of strength and power. This is due to the development in terms of balls and clubs as well as an increase in the size of golf courses. Considering the size of huge golf courses, we have discovered the top 5 longest golf holes in the world! which one of them is the Longest Golf hole in the world? Let’s dig.

As a beginner or amateur golf player, you get curious about lots of things. And once you complete your first couple of holes, you get excited about completing the longest golf hole in the world someday.

And this makes you think, which golf hole holds the world’s longest record? In this article, I am going to tell you about the Top 5 longest golf holes in the world. Why they are famous? And which one among these is the longest golf hole in the world? So, let’s jump right in!

Top 5 longest Golf holes in the World

Hole 13- TPC Colorado USA

The golf course at TPC Colorado may look like any other golf course in the world but there is a special hole there. As you will reach hole 13 you will notice how this iconic hole is 773 yards in distance. Adding to this, despite its incredible distance, it remains a par 5 hole.

TPC Colorado USA

Hole 15- Penati, Slovakia

When we think about golf courses in Europe, the most common places with the longest holes seem to be Great Britain, Spain, or Scandinavia. However, it’s very surprising to find out that skipping all these places with a rich golfing heritage, the longest golf hole in Europe is at Penati Slovakia. It is the 15th hole on the course with par-6 and it measures about 783 yards.

Penati, Slovakia

Having one of the longest gold holes in the world, this golf is beautiful and designed by Nicklaus Design. This company was actually founded by the great Jack Nicklaus.

Hole 12- Meadow Farms Golf Course, USA

If you like playing rough and tough then Meadow Farms golf course should definitely be on your list. A monstrous hole 12 on this course has par 6, which measures about 841 yards.

Meadow Farms golf course

And if that still does not seem tough, then there is another amazing fact about this golf course. A picturesque water hazard protects the golf course, which can make things pretty hard once you get to a striking distance from the green.

Hole 7 – Satsuki, Sano, Japan

According to the book of Guinness World Records, the seventh hole on the Sano Course at Satuki golf club in Japan has held the record for being the longest golf hole. It measures about 964 yards from the back tees and has par 7.

Satsuki, Sano, Japan-Longest golf hole in World

The Satsuki golf club has an 18-hole golf course. It is beautifully blended into the natural and rugged terrain with a couple of difficult bunkers. Adding to this, there is an adjacent forest that offers some challenging shots if you hit out-of-bound shots.

Hole 3- Gunsan country club, South Korea

It’s surprising to find that the world’s longest golf hole resides in Asia. According to the Guinness world record book in November 2018, the ladies’ European tour professional named Florentyna Parker posted an image on Twitter. This image presented a hole, which is also a par-7 hole. The marker on the picture posted confirms that it measures about 1098 yards. Therefore, after the year 2018, it was discovered that Hole 3 at Gunsan country club holds the new record of being the world’s longest golf hole.

Gunsan country club, south Korea

The Gunsan country club covers an area of 1060 acres. this includes low-lying, flat land that was previously a salt field in North Jeolla province.

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