Loft in golf

Loft in Golf

If you think buying different Golf clubs is going to help you improve your game, then you are lagging behind because understanding your Golf clubs is also very important. Being knowledgeable about your golf equipment, especially how to properly use the golf club loft, can do wonders for you on the golf course. So, in this article go over what loft in golf is and what are different range of lofts for each kind of club.

What is Loft in Golf?

Loft in Golf is basically the angle between the clubface and the ground. This angle influences the distance, spin and the direction of the golf ball at impact.

There is total 14 golf clubs in your bag where the driver is the longest club, and the putter is the shortest. All the clubs in a golf bag vary with respect to their shapes and weight but the main difference is their lofts. This is why you carry 14 different clubs having different loft angles in your bag.

Golf Clubs Loft Chart

Golf Clubs Loft Chart


Drivers are used to make long distance shots. So, a lower loft angle in driver results in more distance and this is why drivers come in at the lowest loft angle, next to putter.



There is a range of Irons in a golf bag where the highest number indicates a shorter club length. Similarly, the loft angle increases along with the serial number of the Iron. In simple words, we can say that the higher the Iron the higher the loft angle.


Hybrid Clubs

Hybrids clubs are a combination of Irons and woods. However, they are usually used to replace Irons rather than wood. Therefore, loft angle of hybrid clubs is in between those of woods and irons.

Hybrid clubs


Woods have a flat and hollow head, and they are usually used for long shots in the fairway or off the tee. They have a lower loft angle which results in the golf ball going further.



Wedges are great for chip shots. For example, when you need to take your ball out of a hole. Wedges are like Irons, and they have a higher loft angle. This feature makes them a great option to get out of tricky situations.



These clubs are mostly used in mini golf, and you must have noticed that these clubs are almost parallel to the ground. Putters also have a lower loft angle which helps give more distance for a small swing of the club.


Tips to use loft in Golf to your advantage

Allow the loft to do the magic

When you are playing with different loft angles, you should never try to life your ball in the air forcefully. Instead, allows the loft to do the work. Just hit the ball and let he loft take your ball to the appropriate height.

Understand your loft angle to escape troubles

Having the skills to get out of trouble on the golf course with grace is what separates good players from others. So, whenever you find yourself in trouble, just pick your club based on the loft and never try to manipulate the clubface. Only use the golf club loft which will make your next shots easier.

Let your creativity help you

Now this may sound delusional but in simple words, if you need to chip your ball on the green, you don’t always have to use a pitching wedge. Instead, you have options like a flop shot using your lob wedge, or a bump-n-run using 7-iron and a putting stroke using your hybrid or 3-wood.


It actually depends on the type of player you are and your skill level in particular. For example, if you are beginner, its better to start playing golf with the average loft angles. You should also consult an expert or store consultant before buying anything. On the other hand, if you are a professional, you do not really require that much of an angle.

Yes, it is most likely that the loft angle which best suits you will change over time. In addition, your loft angle may change on different clubs. This happens as you develop new skills or swings, or an injury that forces you to play differently.

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