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Fade in Golf

Golf is all about mastering different techniques and improving your game constantly. One such technique that is an important part of this game is called “Fade”. Although fade in golf is closely related to Slice, it can help you lower your score in every round. Therefore, proving to be much more reliable than a slice.

In this article, I will discuss different strategies to hit a perfect fade and how you can use it effectively to level up your game.

What is Fade in Golf?

A fade in golf sometimes referred to as a cut shot, occurs when a ball moves from left to right for a right-handed player and right to left for a left-handed. Now, you may think that it is the same as hitting a slice but there is a difference. A fade shot is comparatively more controlled and covers a little distance.

For example.

When a right-handed player hits the ball and moves a couple of yards from left to right, it is a fade. However, if the same player hits the ball and it moves uncontrollably toward the right, it is a slice.

Golfer playing fade

Strategies to Hit a Fade in Golf?

If you are an amateur who is struggling with slicing or if you are someone who wants to perfect his/her fade shot, then these strategies are for you! If you follow these strategies religiously it will transform your game and the best part? You don’t need to put in tons of hard work! So, let’s begin.


Before you make a hit, there are a few pre-steps you need to take.

Since a fade move slightly to the right, you should always aim 5-10 yards left of your target. Now, in order to achieve this, you first need to work on your alignment. Take your position as if you are about to hit the ball. Then, place another club parallel to where you are standing and assess where the club is pointing. If the club is pointing 10 yards to the left of your target, then you are at the perfect spot. If not, correct your position and then aim toward your target.

Adjust your grip to Hit Fade in a Golf Game

If you have corrected your alignment, it’s time to adjust your grip.

Now, if you think that adjusting your grip is related to the amount of pressure you put on your club, then it’s not true. The strong Vs. weak grip actually has to do with the placement of your hands.

For example, when you hold your club, count your knuckles and see how many knuckles you can see on your left hand. Ideally, you should be seeing two knuckles but if you are seeing four then it indicates that your grip is too strong. So, adjust your grip until you see only two, and this way you can hit a fade pretty easily.

Proper way to grip a club

Use an Open Stance

This is the most important strategy after you have adjusted your grip. In order to hit a fade you need to follow an open stance. To do this, you need to open your feet and shoulders in a way that they are pointing to the left of your target.

If you ask any pro golfer about hitting a fade, his/her first advice would be to “open your stance”. So, keep this in mind before you are about to hit fade.

Visualizing the Fade During Golf Game

You may not have realized this before, but golf is also a mental game. This means that in order to achieve something in this game you need to achieve it first mentally.

For example, if you are planning on hitting the fade, you need to visualize it in your mind. Just take your position 10 yards left to your target and visualize it following that route and then slowly moving toward the target.

Once you are mentally prepared, hit your ball and swing the club to make it happen.

Outside to inside

Last but not least, it is important that you understand the exact meaning of fade and how you can curve your ball in the direction of your target.

So, basically “outside to inside” is the term used to refer to hitting your ball in a way that it curves and moves toward the target. All you need to do is swing your club to go from left to right!


A fade offers the golfers the ability to improve their game by overcoming obstacles and positioning the ball strategically. Once you understand the mechanics behind hitting a fade and practicing it religiously, it can become a powerful weapon for you. So, whether you are a professional to an amateur who wants to improve his game, learning how to hit a fade shot can contribute a lot to a more accomplished game on the course.

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