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Open Stance in Golf

As a beginner, it almost seems impossible to get your feet, clubface, and all of the body working together.  This is where learning open-stance golf swing can be a lifesaver. However, the key to this is making sure that you very well understand what an open stance is, how to get into this position, and its impact on the ball flight.

In this article, you will have the answers to everything you need to know about an open stance in golf. How you can use it to become a master of this game? And what are some of the disadvantages of using this stance?

What is an Open stance golf swing?

An open stance position refers to when your toes are aimed left of your target. While in an open stance position, your heels and toes remain on the same parallel line, they are not parallel to your clubface.

This stance increases the loft and opens the face. This helps the ball go higher than normal and produces a more outside-to-inside swing path. This makes it easier to hit a cut or slice.

Now that you understand an open stance position, let’s talk about how it will benefit your swing the next time you are on the golf course.

Golfer Trying Open stance Golf Swing

Pros of Open stance

Higher launch

When you are in an open stance position, it helps your clubface to be slightly open with respect to your stance. This helps you achieve a higher and more penetrating ball flight.

So, if you struggle with getting the ball up in the air, you can very much benefit from this, and it will also help with getting the ball to stop on the green.

Easy to hit a fade

A lot of players worry about trying to get the ball to turn just a few yards. They keep changing their grip, adjusting their swing path, and following a number of mental tricks to hit a fade that the draw and fade equation keeps getting complicated.

An open stance position comes in handy in this situation, as it promotes a more outside swing resulting in a high fade.

Helps seniors with rotational issues

As a senior, golfers may begin feeling pressure or pain in the hip when they swing. This happens because seniors do not enjoy the same flexibility in their bodies as beginners.

Therefore, an open stance position makes it a little easier to swing through the ball. This can be a total game-changer for those who face difficulty to get to the left side.

Golfer with rotational issues trying open stance

Cons of open stance

May promote fade or slice spin

While an open stance position can improve your gaming style with slices and fades, it can also get out of control, if you over-exaggerate the move. This can happen when your club face angle is a bit too extreme.

Loss of distance

Another disadvantage of an open stance can be a slight loss of distance. This happens because this position and the setup to the left of the target can result in lesser yards. However, it can be countered with a closed stance instead and a clubface that is slightly shut down. This will help achieve more topspin and the amount of roll and distance.

The ball can be a victim of wind

Achieving high ball flight is great until there is wind. So, during a windy day, an open stance may not be your best decision as it can mislead the ball in another direction. You can use a closed stance position instead during this situation.

Golfer playing in fast wind with open stance

Other Types of Stances in Golf

When you are willing to become a pro at your game, then you have to have everything, whether it’s acquiring new tools or learning new skills. Talking about skills, you should know that there are two other types of stances in golf in addition to open stance. So, if you want to become one of the great players of golf, you must understand the difference between them and how you can use them to your advantage under different circumstances.


It is a standard golf stance in which your entire body including your feet, hips, shoulders, and the clubface are all square to the target line. With this stance, you can set yourself up for a perfect swing plane and a highball flight.

Of course, this stance does not guarantee a perfectly straight shot, but it certainly improves your chances of hitting one.


This stance is the opposite of an open stance. In this position, your clubface is still square to the target, but you are going to be aimed right at your target. A closed stance results in a more inside-out swing place, so your shots can go left of the target.

Golfer Trying a closed Stance

Which type of golf stance is the best?

You must be wondering if there was only one type of these stances that you could learn, and it can take you throughout your golf career. Well, the answer is no.

However, the most important of these is the square stance as it is most often used. So, once you have mastered this stance, you can move forward with the rest and improve your game.

My advice is to take a slow start. Do not overburden yourself because nobody has mastered golf in a day. Try different stances and observe how they impact your shots. Chances are you will learn a lot more new things that you have not been able to do before.

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